We are one of the most known and historical realities within the Italian shipbuilding shipbuilding sector: since 1977 we have been engaged in the supply and installation of insulation systems, thermo-acoustic and fire insulation and the aesthetic finishing of technical rooms and machine rooms , on yachts but also in the civil and industrial sector.

Over the years the market has always recognized our professionalism, competence and reliability. We work in our offices in Liguria and on the Adriatic, but above all at our customers, which we reach throughout Italy with our more than 200 workers.

The company assets are represented above all by our Workers, many of whom have been with us for years and with whom we have established a relationship of trust and mutual recognition, therefore, in full compliance with the legislation and every regulation in force, we have always been committed to carry out our activities by directing them and organizing them so that the health and safety of workers and of any other interested party are always guaranteed and protected.

We believe that for our specific activity the human resources, the competence and the training of the Personnel are a value to preserve and protect also because the quality of our service and our image are determined by their work at the Customers.
We have therefore taken the road of starting a HEALTH & SAFETY WORK on Management System, with the certainty that it is the valid tool to support us further in implementing actions for:

  • provide safe and healthy working conditions;
  • ensure that the legislative compliance requirements and any other relevant requirements are always respected;
  • improve the satisfaction of our workers;
  • continuously improve our health and safety performance at work.